Topical Issues
12.04.2018 DINP - ECHA's Risk Assesment Committee rejects classification proposal as reproductive toxicant category 1B
NEW: Minutes
09.06.2017 DINP Danish proposal for classification as Cat. 1B reproductive toxicant - ECHA published consultation input
Industrie bodies from around the globe disagree in contrast to the member states strongly with the proposal
09.05.2017 DINP - Excerpt European Plasticisers (former ECPI) consultation input
Basis for the EuPC position
02.12.2015 CLP-Intention: Classification of acetaldehyde as mutagenic Cat. 1B and carcinogenic Cat. 1B
CLH dossier and submitted comments - Please check the relevance for your company
02.12.2015 DINP - Dossier for a harmonised classification as reproductive toxicant Cat. 1B submitted on 18th November 2015
After Compliance Check ECHA will publish dossier for consultation

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